Pictures from Greensburg,

Kiowa County and the Surrounding Area

Greensburg is a wonderful rural community. Destroyed by an EF5 tornado on May 4, 2007. The town is committed to rebuilding back "green". Currently there are over 40 projects being built or completed with amazingly green technology. This is a wonderful place to raise a family.The school will be complete in 2010 and will be a showcase for education.
The area around Greensburg is very beautiful, full of history and romance. The wildflowers are beautiful, the wildlife is abundant and the sunsets are second to none!
Greensburg boasts one of the most famous historic attractions in the state of Kansas, the BIG WELL, built in 1887. The museum is gone, but the canopy has been repaired so visitors can view the well. In addition to the Well, there are many interesting buildings being built. A wind farm is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2009. The primary industry is farming. A new LEED Platinum hospital is under construction as well as many public buildings.
This is one 'green 'burg you need to see!

Wildflowers Sunset on Coldwater Lake Can you see me now?

Greensburg. . .
has a great BIG WELL-come
for you. Fishing at Kiowa County Lake
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July 17, 2004
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